Thursday, September 28, 2006


In the interest of total disclosure, I had the Three Musketeers version. But I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that this one is similarly awful. And there's a Starburst version too. Shudder.

Apparently they've been around since January, so my condolences to those who have tried this at any point in the intervening nine months.

And even moreso to any children who were conceived, exposed to this stuff in utero, and born now.


Murchie said...

Not so!

While I'm sure the attempt to simulate nougat went well astray, I found the Milky Way ingredients happily translated to milkdom. I recommend another chance.

Geoffrey said...

But there's nougat in Milky Way.

I'm suspecting we will disagree. But I will try it! Anything for due process!

Clinton said...

The Starburst one tastes like a milkshake made with rotten apple juice. Go figure.