Wednesday, September 13, 2006

BJ Fairy

Over the weekend in Seattle, we were all standing on a swingset with some friends discussing the BJ Fairy. A BJ Fairy being someone who would fly into your room at night and give you a BJ.

Ignoring for the moment that one of the attendees revealed that they were, in fact, a BJ Fairy, here's some other possible types of BJ Creatures:

BJ Genie: Gives you three BJs, but each with a very ironic twist.

BJ Dragon: Someone who hides in your room and, when you enter, sets your crotch on fire.

BJ Unicorn: Only gives BJs to those who are pure of heart.

BJ Troll: Dude who sucks off other dudes under a bridge.

BJ Siren: Promises you a BJ; then when you get close enough, rips your dick off.

BJ Cerebus: You get a BJ from three dogs. And you love it!


Ted said...

Sorry we missed you guys in Seattle last weekend. We were too poor from our LA trip the previous weekend. We couldn't afford the gas.

HOWEVER, we have been paid this week and will be attending SketchFest:Seattle this coming weekend. So, I'm curious to exactly was it that revealed themselves to be a real life BJ Fairy? Cuz I'm going to stay at their house and sleep with my pants down.

Anonymous said...

PBJ Cerebus: You get a BJ from three dogs who are lured by strategically spread peanut butter and jelly.

christopher said...

BJ Novak: Sneaks into your room and writes an hilarious episode of The Office.

Ted said...

BJ McKay: and his best friend Bear.

Biz and/or Jordi said...

Ted & Loren and I came up with "BJ'd!" - it's like being Punk'd but you basically get a guerilla BJ without expecting it.

This is how it would all "go down":

UNDERCOVER BJ-er POSING AS TOURIST: Excuse me. Do you know where I can find a post office?

MAN ABOUT TO GET UNEXPECTED BJ: Sure you go down 4th and take a left on---

*WHPPP!* <--pants down!


The funniest thing was doing the faces while being guerilla BJ'd.

If I had a dick, I'd really know what I was talking about...


CoryNealy said...

I know who the BJ Fairy is!!!!! I wasn't even there and I'm 99.98% sure I know who admitted to being the BJ Fairy...

Ted said...



BJ ROUTH: The version of Superman that hovers outside your window like a fairy (GAY JOKE!) and watches you eat with your family. (and that's his real nickname according to imdb).

Clinton said...

BJ DANCER, YOUR LIFE IS CALLING: You start to get a BJ, but then you accidentally set yourself on fire because you're also freebasing cocaine.