Friday, September 01, 2006

Worldwide Pants

So I'm just catching up on MTV VMA watching this morning (since I was out with my best lady last night), and by far the most bizarre moment so far is Jessica Simpson, looking fairly awful and strangely incoherent, presenting the Best Dance Video segment. And behind her, the entire time, is the word PANTS. For no reason whatsoever.

Best moment so far is easily Pink! not giving half a shit that she won best pop video for "Stupid Girls."

EDIT: Perhaps slightly more strange is the new Best Ringtone Award. I guess if you win it, you can feel validated by it, but you gotta be nagged by the thought that you actually wrote a song, not a fucking ringtone.


Clinton said...

Thank you! Yes, I saw that too and, seriously, what the hell was that? Is she selling pants now? Was there a large sign, out of the camera's view, that said, "Wouldn't you love to get into her..."

Glad I'm not the only one that was bothered by that.

Oh, and Ok Go rocked my butt. Treadmills!

Stefan said...

Yeah! Treadmills are AWESOME. I'm actually very proud of them for how far they've come on nooooo budget whatsoever. I met OKGo about three years ago when they were doing a concert my company was producing, and they're extremely nice guys just trying to figure out how to make it...and I'm very impressed with their creative lo-fi-ness.

Clinton said...

Nice; I love it when the good guys win with nothing but deep reserves of pluck and DIY know-how. I've seen them a couple of times in concert and they absolutely tear the roof off, every time. Got to love the enthusiasm.