Thursday, October 19, 2006


What would win in a fight, "30 Rock" or "Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip"?

As opposed to every other show I've mentioned (aside from "Lost"), I've actually seen these two shows. And though I really liked the premiere of 30 Rock and though the actual show on Studio 60 is really forced (bad), I'm gonna have to go with Studio 60.

Sure it's not perfect and sure they talk fast even when they don't need to. I'm just really enjoying the sketch comedy in real life gags. Like the sugar glass bottle. And knocking over the knight in shining armor. And the lobster costume.

Though I'm pretty sure Alec Baldwin could beat the snot outta Matthew Perry.


Neal K said...

I think they both have their virtues, but what we've really learnt is that people at sketch comedy shows say embarrassing things while still wearing mics ALL the time.

Hijinx, baby!

Ted said...

After watching episode 2 of 30 Rock last night, I think the clear winner is Studio 60. I'll go a step further and say that 30 Rock is actively terrible. It reminds me of a bad Meg Ryan/Nora Ephron movie. And the Ally McBeal lady is HORRIBLY miscast. They should've changed the character when they ditched Rachel Dratch. But they didn't. Plus all the writing is dumb. I give it a F+/3/Triple-Fneh.

Long live Studio 60...and Heroes...which is getting really wonderfully geeky.

Anonymous said...

Am I on glue? I was laughing out loud at 30 Rock last night (not Ally McBeal lady). I like the format. You can see the Arrested Development influence (inarguably a superior show). Tracey Morgan = eh; Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin = very funny. Plus, Studio 60 sometimes seems like it's about to absolutely just die of it's own cleverness. Also, you can kind of see the man behind the curtain with Sorkin shows now; the content changes but the style stays exactly the same. Sugar bottle break was good, though.

dusty said...

i've seen the beginning of 3 studio 60 episodes before i've said "they talk too fast for no reason. i'm bored" and turned it. sure, it makes sense that they'd be quick-witted, given that they're on a comedy show. but when that lady from (newsweek? ny times?) was following them around this week, it just sounded too much like....well, horseshit. and the kind of dialogue that actors see and think "yes, i'm gonna make my character sound SO cool when i say that." don't like it. who's seen Brick? same shit, but even MORE annoying cuz the characters are 17.

Ted said...


Jordi said...

Dusty, I agree about 'Brick'!
I should've LOVED that movie - I was looking forward to it. Instead I wanted to punch them all in their wee & smart faces. Noir doesn't wear well on the young, I say.

I love "Studio 60". Sure - they walk & talk fast and say clever things, but that's what Ted and I do at home - ALL THE TIME.

Sometimes we'll sign off on shit from a UPS guy while we're walking down our 5' hall, talking, walking and talking about what to add in the Kraft that night.

It's very important and cool.

Anonymous said...

why is this blog all about fighting and color changing all of the sudden?

can't all tv shows just get along? in pastel yellow?