Wednesday, October 11, 2006


So for the first time since before college, I have two programs to call my very own: "Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip" and "Lost". And now that I'm reading about TV again instead of avoiding all references in the misguided attempt to save myself from surprises when I (don't) watch all these shows on TVDVD in 16 years, I have this to say:

Please, please, please everyone stop overanalyzing every episode.

I mean, we all do it. It's fun to do it, to a certain extent. But let's not pretend that the entire weight of the series rests on the upcoming episode or the episode that's just passed. That is not statistically significant!

Let's just sit back, relax, enjoy the parts of each episode we enjoy, and only get worried about a show when it starts totally sucking for TWO episodes. Then let's worry.


Ted said...

I think Lost should be called "Gary's Place".

PLEASE click on my name. I dare you.

mcgoey said...

eeehhhh. I agree with you in principle Geoff but I haven't been sold on S60otSS yet. Mostly cause the comedy bits have been pretty dire. Like the plaguarized news bits -- they were saying that an entire writer's room (a pretty hacky room but still) AND a standup both thought that material was good enough to steal?

Let me throw it open to you EL guys -- how good must a joke be before you go ahead and steal it? I kid, I kid.

I'm mostly freaked out by the Christian lady but her Holly Hunter and Juliette Lewis impersonations (I did like the Juliette Lewis skit idea) were dynamite. She should just do imitations all the time.

So, in conclusion, (1) Sorkin has a lot of leeway with me ("the cutman cometh") but I am wary and (2) everyone should watch "the wire."

oh and geoff, i'm just gonna follow your lead on this corey lidle thing, humor wise. you tell me when it's okay.

Geoffrey said...

His name is spelled "Cory".

God, you are so insensitive.

Anonymous said...