Monday, October 30, 2006

What Would Sawyer Call You?

That's the name of the new LOST-inspired game we played in the car this weekend. Here are the ones I remember:

Geoff: Shortstop
Alex: Laptop
Chris: Diapers
Jerf: Lactose
Mary: Giggles
Marni: Mittens

When presenting a potential name, it's best to a) adopt a southern-ish accent, and b) use the nickname in a phrase, preferably sarcastic. Examples: Nice work, Shortstop or Well gee whiz, Giggles, why didn't I think of that?, and so on.


mary said...

i still think Sawyer would initially call me Beanpole, but soon learn i'm more of a Giggles. then Stefan would become Beanpole permanently after first being called Dr. Teeth? i mean, he must have to double up sometimes, right?

Jordi said...

Please, oh please, oh please Sawyer call me 'Gidget'. Please?