Friday, November 03, 2006

Geoff Loves Trash

Geoff, Stefan, and I are walking down the street at about 1 in the morning.

Alex: So anyway, I was--

Geoff starts running as fast as he can down the block.

Stefan: What is he--

Alex: I think he's trying to catch the bus?

Geoff is still running at super speed down the block.

Stefan: Yeah, but is that--

Alex: It's a garbage truck.

Stefan: Geoff is trying to catch a garbage truck.

Geoff slows down at the bus stop, realizing what he thought was a bus, after sprinting for a whole block, is actually a garbage truck.

Stefan: Hey, you caught it!

Alex: I need to go catch the trash can.

Geoff thinks our jokes are very funny, and doesn't look annoyed at all.


Anonymous said...

I think they call it The Oscar Syndrome.

Definitely think Geoff should sing I Love Trash at the next show.

What'd ya think everybody?

Stefan said...

I should mention that this was IMMEDIATELY after Alex took off down the street after some taxis, which he also did not catch. So it was two solid blocks of people running down the street, while I was very amused.

Geoffrey said...

In my defense, I was actually running for the bus right behind the garbage truck...

...but I DO love eating garbage.

mary said...

Geoff, they didn't say you were going to EAT the garbage - but Alex should have mentioned his fear that you might. because he's the real garbage can and would've gotten jealous if you stole his thunder...

Murchie said...

No, that was the bus. You get in and it smashes you all into a bloody, crackling, suitcase - encrusted cube and drops you off downtown.

It's really a bad system, because everyone is so terribly dead by the end, but no one wants to say anything.

Anonymous said...

The I Love Trash song is actually pretty sweet. Oscar the Grouch variety, that is. Much better than his work on "The Everything in the Wrong Place Ball" with that girl grouch. (Trashella? Grouchina? Susan Sontag?)