Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Vote Today Too!

No show this week, Elephans! But we'll be back soon.

Did you like voting yesterday? Yeah ya did. So do it again! For us!

The voting period for JibJab's Great Sketch Experiment is almost over, and we'd totally love to get your support on this. It would help us bunches.

It takes about a minute to do; here's how:

1. Register with JibJab by clicking:

2. Once you fill in the info, you'll get an email from JibJab. Click the confirmation link in the email.

3. You'll get sent to your JibJab profile page. You answer a few basic questions like what you're city you're from, etc. (All answers are kept confidential.)

4. Go watch the video we made w/John Landis!

5. Click in the "VOTE" box on the right of the video window next to our sketch's name - Tall Cop Short Cop.


And if you really want extra Elephan bonus points, help us spread the word. The video has a "Send to a Friend" option at the bottom, so you can email it around, and you can also embed a JibJab player in your blog, myspace, etc. by clicking the "Add to Webpage" button.

Thanks! Every vote truly makes a difference, and we appreciate the help.