Thursday, February 15, 2007

But...Dollar Coins Suck... why are they making another?

Honestly, every time I get a Sacagawea coin from some clever storeclerk trying to foist one on me, the first thought I have is "How do I get rid of this? Am I hungry for a candy bar? Do I need a newspaper? I have to get this thing out of my pocket as soon as humanly possible."

And if I get five or more like I so often do at MetroCard machines? Baby, it's time to get a dozen donuts. Sacagawea's payin'.

Also, the new coin is REALLY ugly.


Neal said...

Ooh, Them's fighting words. Don't make me get out my ass-whoopin' sleeves Haggerty.

I guarantee I hate paper dollar bills more than you can't stand dollar coins.

Lance said...

Maybe that's the entire point. Stimulate the ecomony by giving people pieces of currency that they absolutely can't stand to hold on to for more than five seconds and need to spend immediately.

Jordi said...

Like 'Poo Money'!