Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Meta? Or Just Me?

While reading some Cathy the other day, it occured to me: I desperately wanted to start pulling out my own hair. JUST LIKE SHE WAS DOING IN THREE-FOURTHS OF THE COMIC STRIP.

And while considering the possibility that Cathy might actually be brilliant, I suddenly felt all horrified and alone.


baz said...

Reading some Cathy? Definately just you.

Jordi said...

Chris, put down the chocolate and no one gets hurt.


christopher said...

What, a dude can't casually browse some Cathy to help pass the day?


baz said...

I'm sorry, Chris. I'm just edgy because I can't find a husband.

kathy. with a K! damnit. said...

she makes me hate my own first name.

K said...

Not me! Work sucks! Shoulder pads rule! Men never commit! I gave at the office! I have fat ankles! I'm unloveable! Look at my whimsical cartoon mug that is always filled with coffee to get me through the hell that is being a woman working in an office in the 80s/90s!

I love my name! The "K" is for "Killed my spirit dead a long time ago!"