Thursday, February 01, 2007

Props EL Has Worn For Warmth

Peacoat - original purpose was warmth, actually

Stocking cap - same

Labcoat - Alex did this outside SketchFest NYC

Bear costume - I forgot to bring a sleeping bag to Charleston

Am I forgetting any, guys?


dusty said...

i remember when chris wore alex after being locked out of CHAC at seattle sf. just hollowed him out and slid right in.

RIP, alex

anonymous geek said...

... a taun-taun? you know. the one you use for that "camel or taun-taun" sketch?

Ted said...

Maybe Alex's hollowed-outedness is why he was cold at Sketchfest:NYC where it was a billion degrees in June.

I think Alex was just trying to look "awesome" and impress those Lovespring Int. rickshaw guys.

Stop wearing labcoats to impress everyone. Just be you, Alex...

Just be you.

Biz and/or Jordi said...

I am a huge advocate for manatee costumes:

* Say goodbye to wind chill!
* Comfort like you wouldn't believe!
* SO comfortable, it actually Lowers your blood pressure!
* Manatee head serves as the world's greatest pillow!
* Hilarious to wear AND look at!
* Holes in flippers to stick your fingers through keep hands warm while allowing you to be dextrous AND!!! (the best part) giving the impression that you have NIMBLE DEXTROUS FLIPPERS! Try THAT with any other manatee costume.

Kris Vercouteren made this thing, and if she mass produced them, I swear there wouldn't be a person in sight on those freezing Portland winter days. Just manatees.