Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Stupidest Jerk

A band of three happy little men got onto the F train and started playing some accordion/guitar/vocal music. It was soft and pretty.

Then this really drunk guy (by the way, this was at 8 PM on a weekday) starts moaning and grumbling and shaking his head and covering his ears. Then he starts whispering threats. Then he starts shouting at these guys to fuck off, and do they want a piece of him, etc. One of the bandmembers came around the train, passing his hat for tips, and the guy started barking at him, scaring the guy into a corner of the train so he couldn't go back to the rest of his band.

I HATE that guy.

Not the guy passing his hat around for tips. The drunk guy.


Ted said...

Was that the same guy that came onstage during our Unicorn sketch in SF:NYC '05?

I haaaaaaate that guy.

Sketch Ruiner Jackson said...

You need to let this go, Ted.

Ted said...

Oh. I've let it go. I was just making a jokey-joke. No offense intended.

No beans.