Thursday, February 22, 2007

We're Performing At Comic Con This Weekend!

And these are the three folks I'm most looking forward to seeing:

I would've linked those pictures to some witty site explaining who each of them they are, but since I don't have a Blogger-compatible browser on my new computer, you'll just have to figure it out for yourselves. Suckers!


Gay For Her Husband Jordi said...

Since marrying one of the biggest Fanboys of them all, I have given up cruising the ComiCons for sexy nerds...but I can still say that the one on the bottom is pretty yummy. (No offense Chewie in the middle.)

The year before Phil Brown (Uncle Owen) died, I met him at the Portland Comic Book Show and helped him open a new silver pen to sign autographs with and he thanked me for this tiny favor with a signed picture of him droid shopping. The year before that, I showed Richard Hatch (Apollo - 'Battlestar Galactica')where he could find the men's room; the same year my future Fanboy husband (working a booth) apparently saw me before we were even friends.

Maybe this is just an excuse to say: "Hi Ted my sexy nerd. Our love is bigger and mightier than the galaxy. I love you. (You know.)"

Clinton said...

I met Peter Mayhew at a comic thingy in Austin once. He was very nice and had the largest hands I've ever seen other than Shaq's.