Monday, March 05, 2007

New Characters on Lost

You know, at first, I didn't like them at all, but they've really fleshed out "Italian Guy" and "Girl in Shorts" the last few episodes. Not only are they amazing actors, but they've really created depth in their roles. Honestly, it's kind of hard to imagine the show without them.

I'm really looking forward to their flashbacks, where we find out how Girl in Shorts bought her shorts, or how Italian Guy became a guy.

Who will steal our hearts next? Very Tan Lady? Blurry Background Guy?

Whoever it is, keep 'em coming, "Lost." We don't need more plot; just more characters.


Jeff said...

Not that I should care too much about the opening credits, but it really pisses me off that those tools were immediately added to the opening credits, whereas it took Henry Gale to Season 3. I know it probably has to do more with legal contracts, etc., but still. Arrrrgh.

My only consolation is that Sawyer will most likely have good nicknames for them.

Jeff said...

Also, they're apparently actually getting a flashback. grumble.

Nate said...

my first thought was "who the f*** are they" when they all of a sudden showed up for no reason and without explanation in the episode where Eko died... all of a sudden these two new faces are scouring the jungle with Locke and Sayid as if theyve been there all along, it was irritating and oozed of lameness. Couldnt they have been thrown around the jungle by the giant cloud instead? my only consolidation is that this show tends to kill off it's new characters just as fast as it adds them to the cast.