Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Scene Inspired By The Chorus of The Scorpion's Wind Of Change

...where the children of tomorrow / share their dreams / with you and me...

Child of Tomorrow: I had this totally weird dream last night.

You and Me: Really.

COT: Yeah. I was riding intradimensionally on my galactobike...

YAM: We don't know what that is.

COT: ...when this law raider came out of nowhere and summoned us to a halt with his redaxle canon...

YAM: We don't know what that is.

COT: ...but it wasn't only a redaxle canon, ya know? It was also a holograffier beam...

YAM: Um.

COT: ...with those sonic light blades at the end?

YAM: Despite being older than you, we are from the past.

COT: And I could feel it everywhere! Which was totally weird 'cause I only know holograffiers from the storypods my guardian used to feed me on glory night.

YAM: Fine.