Monday, March 12, 2007

Sex Is Cool

So I got in preeeeeeeeetty late Saturday night, what with coming all the way to Staten Island and weird-ass March Daylight Savings kicking in. How late did I get in? Showtime was playing some French movie. WEIRD.

The movie was "Sex Is Comedy", about the director's experiences trying to get actors to commit to an intense sex scene. In particular it is based on one movie the director did called "Fat Girl". I haven't seen either movie, but I've kind of wanted to. Or, I wanted to when I read the review years ago then forgot about it. Anyway, not the point.

As I flipped to this movie, I checked Time Warner Cable's digital guide, to see what it was. According to what I saw and the title of the movie, I was reasonably sure it was "Sex Is Comedy," the movie I just described. However, the description was this, nearly word for word:

Sex Is Comedy (2002): A director struggles getting the perfect performance in a scene Book by Elmore Leonard. Starring John Travolta, Uma Thurman, Cedric The Entertainer, Vince Vaughn, The Rock.

Apparently, Time Warner Cable got this movie literally mixed with "Be Cool."

I haven't seen that one either, but I imagine those movies to be opposites.


Ted said...

Geoff. Whatever you do. WhatEVER you do. Do NOT watch Be Cool. I can not stress this enough. I am known among my friends to be the guy that likes every movie I've ever's not true, but that's my rep. That being said, I turned this movie off 20 minutes in. It's not fun bad. It'd just the most awkwardly un-funny piece of crap I've seen (or rather not seen) in a very long time.

But you should make yourself sit and watch Batman & Robin beginning to end without getting up. Seriously, I dare you.

Lance said...

Fat Girl is incredibly disturbing, in a good way. I seriously recommend checking it out.

Geoffrey said...

"Batman & Robin" and "Fat Girl." Got it.

Clinton said...

I thought Fat Girl was boring up until the ending, which made me go "Wow, that's fucked up."