Thursday, April 26, 2007

3 Days Without Dissonance

It's been a strangely long stretch - three straight days walking around the city with my new mp3 player, and every single external sound that's been loud enough for me to hear over the music has been in the same key as the music I'm listening to. That includes lots of subway door-closing bells, door buzzers, and a trombonist on a subway platform, whose version of "Summertime" sounded like an incredible solo in the middle of the Charlotte Gainsbourg song I had on last night. Weird. Weird and pretty.

In other news, the title of this post sounds like an art film. Whoops.


Murchie said...

I'm going to go ahead and accuse you of a selection bias here.

Jeff said...

i swear! no bias! 'twas a miracle, sir murchie, a miracle!

Murchie said...

OK, then Option B. You have induced a selection bias in the world around you, to only generate tones that sync to your music.

Your Sansa is a device of unknown power...soon the radius of its influence will extend around you until even the most necessary siren can only sound if your desired harmonics permit.

Days Without Dissonance is going to be our worst comic book yet!