Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Central Florida, Here I Come

Oh man, EL Blog. I am getting perilously close to my trip to Disney World. It is seriously just a week and a half away at this point, and I'm getting pretty damn psyched. My Parkhopper passes are purchased, the hotel rooms are all set, and I've started to pull together my packing list. I've listened to a veritable shitload of Disney podcasts, which makes me feel like a gigantic nerd, though not as big of a nerd as some of these people running the podcasts.

So here's my question for BlogLand: since I've never been, what are the things that I should not leave Disney World without seeing? I'm sure some of you have actually been and have your favorites...


baz said...

1. MuppetVision 3D (MGM)
The finest muppet movie ever made.

2. Star Tours Ride Que (MGM)
The ride is fine, but the rooms you go through to get to the ride are stellar. The attention to detail is awe inspiring.

3. WEDway PeopleMover (Magic Kingdom)
Unless they've changed the narration since 1993, in which case Ride At Your Own Risk

4. Spaceship Earth (EPCOT)
It's a rideable History Channel show. How can that not be awesome?

5. Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse (Magic Kingdom)
Unfortunately it's now Tarzan's Treehouse. Use your imagination.

6. Jungle Safari and Haunted Mansion (Magic Kingdom)

7. Mickey Mouse Shaped Ice Cream Bar (All)
Eat One. Preferably with a Goofy hat on.

8. Adventurer's Club (Pleasure Island)
For drinking and feeling like Teddy Roosevelt.

9. Splash Mountain (Magic Kingdom)
Do it towards the end unless you want "Pretty Good, Sure As You're Born" stuck in your head your whole trip. Plus, it's the world's only racist log flume ride.

10. Fireworks at Epcot's World Showcase
Easily the best of the three end-of-night-fireworks-shows.

If one of you gets hurt and can't make the trip, I'd be happy to fill in.

I am a nerd.

christopher said...

You can do what I did and wait in line for Space Mountain for two hours and then chicken out at the last minute and have your daddy get a little mad at you.

marni said...

have "pretty good, sure as you're born" stuck in my head NOW.

thanks, baz.

(you've got a very good list there, though. i can't stay mad at you.)

Ted said...

Never been to DisneyWorld. If you were going to DisneyLAND, I could give you several pages of cool stuff to do. For example, "The Tinkerbell Slam" is not to be missed (That is, if you enjoy seeing a man in a tinkerbell outfit slam into a gym mat at 30 miles an hour...which I do).

Although, Stefan, if you have the time and money to do so, leave the park for a day and go to Universal's Islands Of Adventure, if for nothing else than to catch "Spiderman: The Ride". It's the single best theme park ride ever created. For realz yo.

Anyhoo, have a great time. Oh, and Jordi and I just got back from Vegas. We discovered the new "Best Cover Band Ever". They're called Phoenix and they're everything one would imagine when hearing that name. Their press photo involves the band, leather vests, a chopper, and a giant flaming phoenix. But seriously, best cover band ever. you dare.

mary said...

i would like to second the motion that Stefan accomplish # 7 on baz's list of "must-do's".

please post that picture.

preferably with ice cream dripping down your chin as well.

Stefan said...

Thankfully, only the Disneyland treehouse has become Tarzan's Treehouse (though that just got shut down because of some sort of structural rot). In DisneyWorld the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse is alive and kicking! Which I'm happy about.

And yes, I will for sure take a picture of myself eating an ice cream bar.

The Jode said...

You should force Marni to ride Star Tours with you seven or eight times...that's made the trip for me.

I also notice that perhaps the rest of the respondents were too traumatized to mention the "Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Room," or whatever it's actually called. Some rave reviews: "This musical animatronic bird show features new songs and characters from Disney films, designed to cut down on the mid-show audience defections from years past." "A classic waste of time! - Wilfredo Alvelo." It is definitely a 'life experience.'

Molly said...

If you are a real and true Disney Nerd, then I hope you know about the Disney behind-the-scenes tours.
The Keys to the Kingdom tour comes highly recommended.

baz said...

Damn, Stefan. Molly just threw down the gauntlet. So are you a true Disney Nerd or aren't you?

And saints be praised the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse survived!

"How do ya do? Might pleasant greetin'!"