Friday, April 20, 2007

Four Score

Today, April 20th, carries important historical significance. And no, I don't mean this.

Today, 4/20/07, is Four Score Day. The only day in our calendar that perfectly corresponds to Lincoln's famous Gettysburg Address: four/score/seven years.

This means that if Abraham Lincoln ever had any sort of super secret treasure he was trying to hide from the rest of the world, today is the only day it's meant to be discovered. I bet it involves some complex astronomical alignments and it's probably hidden here somewhere.

Can someone get Nick Cage on this, please?

Oh wait. Nevermind.


Jordi said...

Apparently (according to the link under "this") 4/20 as a pot reference started at San Rafael High School (San Rafael, CA.)
That's where I graduated.

It's also where Night Ranger's "Sister Christian" video was filmed...and also where I spent very little time because I was usually quit busy 'researching' the origins of the above reference at the beach.

Bill said...

my friend just landed a part in National Treasure 2, keep an eye out for the secretary -her name is Emily!

(i think this means i'm famous now)

Caitlin Bee said...

omg! National Pleasure 2?!?!?!?! who's in for opening day and a bottle of shiraz?