Sunday, April 15, 2007


1) Since the release of Wii Day last week (wiik?), a bunch of people have asked the same concerned question. Unfortunately, the answer is no: the Wiimote featured in the sketch did not make it out alive. But don't worry. It was buried and replaced almost immediately. So the next time Alex invites you over to play Cooking Mama, you can Wii assured that both controllers are sterile, safe, and sanitary.

2) On a happier note, I'm pleased to announce that on Friday, April 13th, Geoffrey Haggerty became the proud parent of his very own Nintendo Wii--a feat nearly four months in the making. There were some pretty hilarious misadventures along the way, and hopefully Geoff will share them when he gets the chance (provided he retains some minor communication skills after two hundred hours of Twilight Princess).


Jordi said...

I'm sorry to sound so forward...but when Ted and I come to NY soon on our magic fun vacation trip - will any of you let us play with your Wii? You're the only people I know who own them. Out here on the West Coast? Nothing but PS3.