Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Chris's Crisis

Not to play the martyr here, but having a name that ends with s sucks, especially when it comes to letting people know what is RIGHTFULLY YOURS. The question at hand: if I were to give you one of my bagels (which I wouldn't) would you be eating...

Chris's bagels?


Chris' bagels?

Apparently, the rule's a flexible one, and either way's correct. I've always been a strict adopter of the first; it looks better, sounds better, and probably tastes better. That said though, I've decided to lose that extra s. I'll let the University of Calgary's 1998 English Department explain:

The exceptions to this flexible rule are Jesus, Moses, and Zeus, which traditionally form the possessive with just the apostrophe: Jesus' teaching, Moses' commandments, Zeus' power. Also, Socrates and Xerxes, should be formed with an apostrophe only.

Talk about awesome company, right? Count me in, History.


jake said...


I get that whole mess with my last name, and I like to go with "how you say it is how you write it." (Chris's) But here is what I hate more: "I went over to the Kamin's house today."

Kamin's! This; from people who know my last name! It's like, right, Kamin. My grandfather chopped "sky" off our traditional last name instead of just "ky". THAT makes sense.

...huh, that's a lot of angst i have right there.

(As with so many other things in my life, though: I line up with the Supreme Court's liberal block.)

Jordi said...

I've always used (using your name as an example) Chris'. To me it's cleaner. I also use 'these' instead of "these" (unless actually quoting something) because I think the smaller 'these' look neater and more simpler-ing.

Now that being said...is the game called Mouse Trap or Mousetrap?

K said...


Chris Serico said...
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Chris Serico said...

I attempted a clever comment about what to do if your moniker is "Chris S." but it came off as more ignorant than amusing.

I'll leave the comedy to the Elephants.