Monday, May 07, 2007

Or D) All Of The Above?

A) blew-dry?
B) blow-dried?
C) blew-dried?


Murchie said...

Only the drying is in the past; the blowing merely describes the blowing. Imagine "hand-dried" or "oven-baked."

I hope you have enjoyed this humorless direct answer.

K said...

In spirit of this post...

Drank or Drunk?

Had drank or had drunk?

Is drank ever right?

Hung or hanged?

Ha was hung or he was hanged?

I'm waiting.

christopher said...

Yeah, I guess b) makes sense. Though I do like to think the power of the past tense could totally overwhelm both parts of the word.

K, I'm pro-drank. As for hung/hanged, I'd opt for hanged. Unless you're talking about that guy who was sentenced to death for having too large a penis. In that case, both are correct.

Murchie said...

K -

Both, actually:

Jeff said...

Given T-Pain's latest smash hit single, 'Drank or Drink?' has also recently become a question, to which Mr. Pain has proven indisputably that Drank is the correct answer.

Also, I'm dying to write a post about my experiences with this song, but I worry about losing my job.

K said...

Yes, but ARE YOU REALLY LIVING if you deny yourself that need for the sake of a job? I know what T-Pain would say.