Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Who should be more upset about this comment posted on Videocracy:

good parody, but I was too distracted
by Strobeylight

by Stefan's greasy rat hair, and the fact that he was in his socks on that nasty, wet dude-ranch floor. Life as an early twentysomething--it's fannnntastic!
Stefan for having greasy rat hair, or me for having a nasty, wet dude-ranch floor?

Not to sway anyone's votes, but I would say me, because Stefan has already cut his greasy rat hair, but I'm stuck with the nasty, wet dude-ranch floor. I mean, I guess I could clean it.


Stefan said...

Yeah, I thought about that the day we shot. I knew I looked like shit, but didn't think it looked THAT bad.

I was wrong, it totally looked that bad. That's partially the reason I now have glorious short hair.