Saturday, May 12, 2007

Some "Ogre" Taglines for Shrek The Third

Here Wogre Again!

Here We Go Ogren!

Ogre, You Devil!

O, Great!

Ogre The Hedge!

Get Ogre It!

Somewhere, Ogre The Rainbow!

Reign Ogre Me!

Turns Out, PinkBerry isn't actually Ogre-t!

Stop Paying Money To See These Movies! Seriously! The Animation Isn't Particularly Good, And the Humor is Childish At Best!


Maria Papoila said...

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Eddie Murphey said...

i dunno, maria. that's a little long for a tag line.

and hey, zalben. stop making fun of my movies.

Eddie Murphy said...

Stop spelling my name wrong.

eddie murphey said...