Friday, August 24, 2007

Parody of "Gonna Buy You a Drank"

Nellie Bly Was a Skank

That's about all I got... "Gonna Buy You a Drank" doesn't have a whole lot of lyrics, and there's not much I know about Nellie Bly, other than that she was a famous journalist. I initially thought she was an aviator, but that's not exactly true; she took a real life "Around the World in 80 Days," but that was for a newspaper article/book which ended up being a bestseller. So she wasn't directly an aviator, but is well known for travelling the globe, which is, I think, why I made the mistake.

Ummm... How about:

[Verse 1:]
Elizabeth Jane
That's Your Name.
Changed for the byline
Changed your name to Nellie
Pushed forward the cause of feminism
Famous for your expose of mental prisons
By which I mean held psych wards up to a prism
Your work totally bridged the male/female schism
But you also totally loved to hook up and that's why

Nellie Bly was a skank

Nah, never mind.