Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Prank

Hey, here's a funny prank you can play on yourself:

- Forget to put the 1/4" extender on your electric razor.

- Shave off one of your sideburns completely before noticing you did something wrong.

The funny thing about this prank is, you'll think "well, I still have the other sideburn," before realizing that you have to shave that one off too, or you'll look crazy.

And then, you STILL look like some sort of weirdo freak who doesn't have any sideburns at all, and just pale patches where the sun hasn't touched your face in, like, six months.

Totally got yourself, am I right?


mjs said...

have i got a new boyfriend?!

dusty said...

alex, we'd like a picture, please. and it's the 90's, so we KNOW you can have one up on the site within minutes.

Ted said...

It's Karma for liking Stardust.