Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fun Fact #2

Hey, you know those Carbon Monoxide Detectors they tell you to install? Well, here's a fun fact:

If one goes off, don't just go back to sleep, call the fire department.

You'll probably find out that the boiler next to your bedroom, (the one that heats four apartment buildings), was smoking, and the fire department will come over to chainsaw down the door to the boiler room, and turn off the boiler, and tell you that the boiler has been leaking dangerous levels of carbon monoxide into your apartment and probably into all the apartments it heats!

Side Fact #1: It will be very, very hard to go back to sleep after this.

Side Fact #2: This will explain why you've been feeling sick to your stomach and getting massive headaches for the past few weeks!


mjs said...

OOOOOHHHHH, is that why i'm awake now?

Average Jane said...

That's scary - and dangerous! I'm glad it was taken care of, chainsaw or no.

Murchie said...

Meaning also that FDNY came in with their CO detector and measured not just "elevated" levels of CO but "don't wait for landlord, don't leave compliance notice, rather, chainsaw out wall" levels of CO.

Fun fact #3 CO poisoning is to some degree long term cumulative. See how you feel a few days from now and include a bit of a workout in the interim.

Cory said...

I bet Iron man would have saved you.

This was a terrible way for me to mention I just now finally saw the Iron Man trailer and it made me pee a little.

Stefan said...

This is what happened to me and Biz too, when they forgot to install a gasket on one of the pipes in her room in her old apartment...we were really sluggish and sleepy and headachy and couldn't figure out why -- the saving grace was that it was summer so we had the windows open all the time.

Barf, dude. Feel better!

Ted said...

I peed a little too about Iron Man, Cory. By the way, thanks again for helping fly Jordi around Seattle this weekend.

Next year it won't be as easy when I'm in my Iron Man costume during the finale.

But that won't stop me from asking you to help carry my feet.

Also, I'm sleepy because I'm a little fat.

Stefan said...

Really? We genuinely thought the Iron Man trailer was awesome?

Alex said...

Yup. We all did. You too, Stefan.