Tuesday, October 23, 2007


It has come to my attention that I maybe eat too many apples.

I dunno, is eating between 2 and 6 apples every day really that much?


Doug said...

I can never eat just one apple - I need at least two at a time - especially with the Granny Smith variety.

Eating one apple makes me hungrier.

mjs said...

do doctors flee from you screaming?

(btw - had my first ever honey gold with my lunch this afternoon - so tasty!)

Jeff said...

Exactly, Doug. Apples make you hungrier for more apples.

Marni - they're amazing, right?? Actually, they're called Honey Crisp, not honey gold (good to know in case you need to shout out your order at the apple purveyor).

Alex said...

What are you, some sort of Shinigami?

Am I right?


Nobody knows what I'm talking about?

Okay, cool.

Doug said...

I eat too many egg, ham and cheese sandwiches. Three... four... five in a day sometimes.

Its as if I were trying to author a food blog: hameggandcheesesandwiches.wodrpess.com

Is 3 - 5 egg, ham and cheese sandwiches a day really that much? What if they're served on a croissant?