Thursday, October 25, 2007

Give Me Your Ice Cream

It's a perfect Fall day here in Brooklyn*, with the air crisply blowing the yellowing leaves across the sidewalk. Strolling back from the subway up 6th Avenue, what did I see but a tiny little 2 year old boy, with curly blonde hair, in a cute little sweater, walking alone, holding the perfect ice cream cone.

It was:

- Soft serve vanilla.

- In a wafer cone.

- Covered in rainbow sprinkles.

- Starting to get all melty.

Even if this isn't ALWAYS the perfect ice cream cone, it was certainly the perfect one for today.

Absolutely true thoughts that went through my head, in order, in about the span of a second:

- I want that ice cream cone.

- I'm stronger than that little boy.

- I could punch him and take the ice cream.

- No, there's a chance that if I punch him, he'll drop the ice cream cone before I can grab it.

- Wait, you can't punch a little boy!

Then I walked for about three more feet.

- Maybe I could just bend down, stare him in the eyes, and say "Give me your ice cream cone, little boy."

By that point, the little boy was past me, and I was almost home.

At no point did it occur to me that I could buy my own ice cream cone, because the kid already had the only perfect one in existence.

I love Fall.

*Though, in the sake of all honesty, it just started to get overcast. I don't want to lie to you guys.


Little Boy said...

Thank you, Mister, for not taking my ice cream cone.

Sarah said...

is no one concerned that a 2 year old boy was walking through brooklyn alone?

Alex said...

Is no one concerned that I still don't have any ice cream?