Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hypothetical #1

What's more wrong:

- Me putting a posting on Craigslist saying that I would give one dude a handjob for a million dollars, and then not following through.


- Me putting a posting on Craigslit saying that I would give one dude a handjob for a million dollars, following through, and then the dude not giving me a million dollars.

Let's assume in both cases that there's no way I'm capable of giving a million dollar handjob.


Jago said...

The second is worse. Sure, you might have had a taker for the hand job, but if you didn't follow through, no harm, no foul. No money was received.

In the second scenario, you followed up on the promise of a hand job, and the guy didn't give you what you agreed on as the price. Seriously, regardless of the quality of said hand job, there's an agreement that the guy broke. And there's only one place this can lead: Court.

And that case would be something I'd be willing to see on daytime TV.

Man, that's definitely the most times I've ever written hand job.

A Handless Eunuch said...

Or the insensitivity of your hypotheticals?

Alex said...

One word: Stumpjob

lanyard said...

That handless eunuch's got some balls. And a modified keyboard, apparently.

Stefan said...

I would also venture that's there no such thing as a million dollar handjob, period.

MAYBE there's such a thing as a million dollar blowjob, but I'd doubt that as well.

Alex said...

You just aren't using your imagination. What if I covered my hand in black truffle infused caviar?

dusty said...'s still YOUR hand

no thank you

K said...

Champagne wishes and caviar handjob dreams.

Yep, that doesn't sound better.