Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The absolute last person at the party.

The Velvet Underground is good!


missel said...

They are, but don't let the hipsters fool you: "White Light, White Heat" (the album) sucks. It's pretentious and almost unlistenable, or, as jackass rock critics like to say, "challenging."

The other three albums are (mostly) great, though. I mean, "I'll Be Your Mirror" is just, like, the best song. I'd actually like to hear Beyoncé sing it; is that crazy?

K said...

Hilarious post.

j said...

I dunno, every so often I'm in the mood for a 17-minute song and "Sister Ray" off "White Light" just hits the spot. The spot may be noisy and messy, but it sounds pretty rock n' roll to me.