Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Im On Ur Message Brd, Being An Idiot

I enjoy lolcats. Of all the nonsense published daily on this grand ol' internet, those crazy cheezburger fiends make me lol it up pretty often. But get this: there's currently a heated argument regarding this picture of a red-eyed kitty sitting in the jungle, making light of Vietnam flashbacks.

I guess the controversy isn't that surprising. Some people think it's funny. Some people think it's offensive. Sure. But you know what is surprising? When folks start leaving comments like this:

"donut think dis capshon is offensif, it mai not be funneh but I still love too cee eet on ICHC. Most if nawt awl pichurs heer reeflect laif in sam wei, it wud bee deescrimyoonashon nawt to inclood it heer. Dis picshur maked me feel compashununt (an in a very reespectful wei)."

And this:

"Mebbe gud for some peepls to lol at dere sad stuff–mite make it eezier. I fink teh kitteh is hilareeus, but teh capshun not so grate ackshully. Wish I cud fink of a better wun."

And this:

"curioos fur ppl wit viewz on bad tings bein laffed at tu eaze suffrin: how yew feel bout holacost-kitteh? (not returical kwestshun, srsly) i want tink culd be laffed at, but see no humur…mabee bein jewish mayks it unfunneh fur me? mabee hurts fur vets similurlee? mabee not same ting at all? wat yew tink?"

Really guys? Seriously? I think this might actually be may favorite:

"i tink it is funneh… and i r having flashbacks all teh time.

Seriously, I have severe and chronic PTSD, with comorbid GAD. I’m not offended at all! It’s funny. Lighten up, people."


Ted said...

If you haven't seen it, please rent "Idiocracy". It's not a great movie by any stretch. But it's the kind of true movie that haunts my dreams.


Jonathan Harford said...

If you like "ur" lolcats on the edgy side, you might enjoy lolsecretz, the lolcats/postsecret mashup.

Allen Strickland Williams said...

actually I will second ted's suggestion to rent idiocracy while also adding to make sure you watch it and that it actually is a pretty great flick.

Alex said...

We've all seen it (at least, everyone in EL). I think Geoff and I liked it better than everyone else, but I could be wrong:


Alex said...

Hey, I just actually looked back at my post, and I was careful to point out in it that Geoff, Stefan and I liked it better than everyone else.

I don't know why that's such a sticking point for me. Weird.