Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New Toy

So I made the largest purchase of my life a few weeks ago: I bought a bed.

Queen, firm-plush surface. I've spent more money for rent and things like that, but this was the most money I've spent and gotten something in return that I don't have to pay for again a month later.

Now I am like most people. I love to buy something that I've been wanting, and once it's bought, I love playing with it. Whenever I get a new video game I get really excited and play it all the time and I'm typically done with it in a coupla weeks. A new CD? A week. My favorite shirt is always my newest shirt. Basically, I devour it and it's done and then I want something else. I'm a good American.

Now with my amazing new bed, I have the same feelings but they're manifesting themselves in ways that feel totally backwards.

I think of it at work and get excited and tired.

I get home and I take a look at it and my eyes widen then immediately start drooping.

I give it a quick try and end up going to sleep all night.

This is a strange feeling for me. I don't like sleep. I've never really liked sleep. I'm one of those who feels they should always be doing something crazy and exciting instead of sleeping, like watching TV or playing video games. And now I'm just one of those people who go to sleep at 11 and wake up at 7.

And roll around for an hour in my beautiful, beautiful bed.

I'm going to stop writing, because I am getting tired and sexually attracted to my bed.


Doug said...

I hope you have a lady to break that shi*t in.

Geoffrey said...

Ha. I like your non-replacement use of asterisk.

Anonymous said...