Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Celebrities Think About Donuts

I love reading about doughnuts as much as possible. So I was pretty jazzed to come across the excellent doughnut-only blog Blognut. In fact, the only issue I'll take with Blognut is that I prefer the traditional "doughnut" spelling to "donut."

One of my favorite things on Blognut is this brief series of images showing celebrities thinking about doughnuts. It is the belief of both Chris and myself that these pictures get funnier the more you look at them. Enjoy.

P.S. I take issue with the fact that Blogger's spellcheck lights up under "doughnut" but is perfectly okay with "donut." While I'm at it, it doesn't like the word "okay" or "spellcheck" either. Dumb.


N K said...

Back in my old free-wheelin' Eudora days I always amused that it's spellchecker flagged Eudora.

Upon further research, Gmail and Hotmail both think they themselves are words but not the other.

Now that apples are getting all mushy and gross, can you convert this into a spellchecking blog?

Bill said...

I hear you guys are coming into my town this Friday! Nice. Being the king of Chicago, I shall make it a point to attend and give a royal holla

Chris Serico said...

"OK" is the preferred style of the Associated Press, for what it's worth.

The word, I mean. Not the quality of journalism it aspires to publish.