Thursday, January 03, 2008

Marry, The Cable Guy

That's what I'd like to do, I'll tell you! Sigh.

Anyway, my internet and cable have been out for the past two days, and the cable guy just fixed 'em both, much to my relief. A reaction, and a fun-fact!

REACTION: Having your internet not work, second only to your computer being on the fritz, is the most stressful thing that can happen in our crazy modern world. When the internet started working again, I felt a tremendous weight lift off me. And then I instantly felt stupid. And then I started blogging.

FUN-FACT: If you have Time Warner Cable, there are two types of techs who will be sent out on a call: Freelancers, and Full Time. Freelancers work by the job; Full Time work by the hour. For the large majority of jobs you call out for, you will get a Freelancer. As Freelancers are paid by the job, and don't strictly work for Time Warner, they will do the job as quickly as they can, and leave. Full Timers, besides actually being employed directly by your cable company, will also spend as much time as necessary to finish the job, since it doesn't matter how many jobs they get to in a day, just how long they work.

The fun-fact is this, which I was unsure would work until the Cable Guy came today: You can request a Full Timer. Which means that your job will actually get done in one try, and they will actually fix the problem, rather than just put a patch on it.

You're welcome!


Anonymous said...

What about if you guys had somebody attack the President while he's delivering that speech about how he defended Air Force One? That way we could see it. "Get off my press meeting ...floor," whatever.

I'm not sure if the entire sketch you guys did was referrencing 'Air Force One,' that Harrison Ford movie. If so, I could see how you could keep it like it is. If not, and to be honest even if so, you're risking cutting out a lot of the audience if you're making referrences to that the sum total of the sketch. Thanks.