Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Heavy Show Sketch: Australian Party Teen Takes Off Sunglasses

The Heavy Show is a pop-culture video show broadcast on, made up of content produced by Heavy, and content put together by outside sources. Elephant Larry is one of those outside sources. Each Monday we get a pop-culture topic. We write, produce, edit, and release a new sketch on Wednesday. And then you watch that sketch, later on Wednesday! Bully!

This week, Australian News brings you an update on Corey Delaney, the teen who's party caused thousands of dollars of awesome damage. Check out the original video here:By the way, we're going to probably have an entirely new, non-Heavy Show video for you either later today, or tomorrow, so, you know, check back later...


Chris Serico said...

Please do an entire Elephant Larry show in Fauxstralian accents.