Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Phone Service

So after, like, a million years, I'm "free and clear" from my Sprint PCS service plan. Get it? Free and clear? Like their calling plan?

Anyway, I can now sign up for whatever phone service I want.

Let's assume for the moment that what I want is an iPhone through AT&T, but can't afford the hardware. Barring that particular option, what phone service do you guys use, and do you like it?

Sprint reps, if you're reading this, I'm totally kidding. Please don't turn off my cell phone.

Everybody else, we'll return you to your regularly scheduled comedy after this honest question.


Nathan Smart said...

Verizon is the best and it's annoying that the best phone is with AT&T.

PS. the word verification for this comment is almost as long and tedious as this comment

Adiata said...

Verizon is supposed to be the best, but not for customer service they are ranked the worst. They are also having a sale right now and have a 30 day trial period. Try out this website, www.wirelessadvisor.com, it’s supposed to be very helpful with finding the right wireless carrier for you. But if what you really want is an iPhone I say wait, stay with sprint, save your pennies, and buy what makes you happiest. You could even do what the Europeans are doing, buy the phone, have it hacked into, and setup for your chosen carrier.