Wednesday, January 16, 2008


This past weekend we were at Chicago SketchFest for our fifth consecutive year, which I believe is an all-time record as far of number of times Chicago has been visited in January. Hey-o!

Anyway, one of the last shows of the festival is the Sketchubator which, according to the website, is "a fast-paced late night performance where SketchFest participants are given 5 minutes to try out a new scene or concept." I believe in the past we've done Sittin' On A Bear Unplugged and debuted this one and did a sketch about blowjobs. That's the type of show it is.

This time we did a sketch from our show this past December called Stuff Yer Face, wherein Jeff and I play counterminders at a fast food restaurant that stuffs food in Alex, Chris and Stefan's face. Nothing more to it than that; essentially the perfect Sketchubator sketch.

Normally we use mashed potatoes, but we decided to do the sketch last minute and ventured into 7/11 to see what they had to offer that would sufficiently slop against our friend's domes. We decided on apple sauce, cottage cheese and, because the sketch requires it, tuna fish.

And then we threw it all over each other's bodies.

There's really no more complicated way to describe it than that, other to mention that it was one of the highlights of my performing life. Jordi from the 3rd Floor came on and gave birth, Ted from the 3rd Floor came on dressed as a vagina. It was wonderful.

One bone to pick though: some of the apple sauce and cottage cheese and tuna fish splattered back onto ME! How dare Alex and Chris have such bouncy faces.

Anyway, if anyone who was at that show has any pictures or video of it, could you please let me see it immediately? Thank you.


Ted said...

I too would like to see it. Also I would like to see Manatee if anyone has it, since it marks the one and only time that I have actually managed to produce actual tears from ACTING. I actually ACTED tears!

Also, I would love to see a vagina being fed applesauce. My only regret from that couple of minutes is that I didn't think to push Jordi's baby out of the vagina.

Also, it was our 5th year in Chicago in January. The race is ON!

Also, vagina again.