Monday, April 28, 2008

Things that affect my enjoyment of apples positively and negatively, respectively.


Thanks to the awesome people at Serious Eats, I now know how to tell if my apple is organic or conventional. Since some grocery stores in Brooklyn have a pesky habit of not labeling things.


Some hell-bound idiot in my office has either stolen or thrown out my peanut butter. GOD FRICKING DAMMIT.


K said...

Do you always eat your apples organic? If not, you should, because apples are the number one worst offender as far as pesticides...but you probably already know that. Just, ya' know, checking up on that or whatever.

Jerf said...

I do try to eat only organic apples, yeah. But inevitably, I end up getting conventional ones thrown in there, because a couple of stores around here have permanent "organic apples" signs over the bins, but when they run out they put regular ones in there. For some reason, this happens more with Granny Smiths than anything else.

Maybe I need to stop eating so many Granny Smiths. But they're so good with peanut butter. Dammit.

K said...

Your tale of illegal nonorganic apple refills makes me mad. THAT'S FALSE ADVERTISING.