Monday, May 12, 2008

Somebody Just Got Fired

This is a clip played on NBC, during the season finale of Medium, at approx. 10:27pm. I videoed it, and uploaded it for you guys.

That's Sue Simmons, local NBC News anchor, right? And somebody was trying to "get back at her," or something?

Holy crap.

Update: They just ran the next "coming up at 11" promo, with only Chuck Scarborough's voice, no anchors.

Update 2: The wikipedia entry already says this:

"On May 12, 2008, as a news update began to fade away to commercial, Sue Simmons can be heard saying "What the F*** are you doing."

On May 13, 2008, Sue Simmons was replaced."

If this is a ploy to get me to watch NBC news tonight, it's working.

Update 3: All right, news has started, no mention of the incident, and both Chuck and Sue are present. There was a weird moment where Chuck's audio just faded out, but everything seems to be normal?


Anonymous said...

I LOVE SUE SIMMONS! I grew up with her... and I don't care what the f*** she said. She apologized. She's human. It's not like medical malpractice or anything.

Anonymous said...

Too funny!! I keep repeating it in her bipolar high screeched tone (because it was soooo unexpected), "Whahht-the-fuck-are-you-doing?". Can anyone do any NBC digging to find out what made her flip like that?

Anonymous said...

bheh, I was watching Medium on the dvr, and out of nowhere I here the What the fuck are you doing, heh I had to rewind it to be sure i heard it. then I started googling to see what was on the net about it.

Hope she doesnt get fired.


Anonymous said...

Update 4: Sue apologized before the first commercial break during the 11:00 news.

My mom and I were shocked that we heard that during the news promo! But it was a lot more funny than it was offensive. It sounds like someone was touching her inappropriately or making faces at her. She must have thought it was that one-story, five-second promo. :-D

Anonymous said...

sue is the best in the business, and this is proven by her tenure at wnbc. she obviously didn't know she was live, or she certainly wouldn't have said that. i truly hope that wnbc does not take her off the desk today. what they should do is look into the floor director, that wasn't doing his/her job - and perhaps get rid of them.

sue we love ys babe! xoxox

Alex said...

Yeah, just to clarify:

- I thought it was funny, but that someone was playing a clip of Sue or something to embarrass her.

- I don't actually watch Medium.