Friday, July 25, 2008

The Power Of Love

With all the renewed interest in Huey Lewis these days, you owe it to yourself to watch the extended music video of The Power Of Love. A few reasons why:

1) It features both Doc Brown and the DeLorean.
3) Fist pumps, fist pumps, fist pumps.

Thoughts & Questions:
~ Doc Brown is visiting Huey's celebration of Back To The Future. This suggests we're peering into some hybrid-type dimension where both Doctor Emmett Brown and the film Back To The Future simultaneously exist. I'm going to allow this.
~ Gonzo?
~ Why does Doc Brown need to go to Uncle Charlie's music club at all? Sure seems important. Is it really just to make creepy hand-biting confirmation with Gonzo? If so, about what? Does the Doc need Gonzo's permission to take some girls on a time travel ride?


Jordi said...


That's a Marin County, California hangout and I used to fake ID my way in there. It was lame but the bartender looked like Simon Le Bon.

I miss community college.

nathansmart said...

This song speaks of an alternate universe that, in my opinion (humble), we could really do well to emulate.

-free train rides
-the proliferation of "One Men"
-no more hawks, more doves

Allen Strickland Williams said...

At most shows I go to the headlining band just sort of mills about onstage until someone yells at them that they're ready for them.