Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Yeah!!!...? A hard-boiled, action-packed Ridley Scott movie with Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe, written by the guy who wrote The Departed! The trailer is totally intense... and I have no idea what the movie is about.

Confusing or kick-ass? I say the confusion factor outweighs the kick-ass-ness, so: Confuse-ass.


Ted said...

I'm going to call it "Russ & Leo's Adventures With Silly Wigs & Beards & Accents"

That looks awful.

K said...

That scragglebeard is totally a deal-breaker. Also, The Departed was adapted from other material, so who knows how good a screenwriter that guy really is.

Jerf said...

Totally agree on the scragglebeard!

Disagree on the Departed - I saw the original, and this was a rare case where he actually improved drastically on the original. He made the story tighter and more realistic, and the dialogue was pretty great, I thought.

Comment War!!!! Not really. :)

lanyard said...

That beard looks like a tumbleweed. It blows across the deserted town that is my soul.

Andrew M said...

It's too bad Leo "I only have two distinct faces I make when I 'act'" DiCaprio has already been in a movie with Daniel Day-Lewis, or else this would be the biggest acting-ability mismatch between co-stars in some time. Speaking of which: I loved "There Will Be Blood" a lot, but didn't the dude who played Eli Sunday SUCK? I remember thinking how lost and weak he seemed in the role, and then reading afterwards about how he got the part at the last minute (after the original actor left) and had only four days to prepare--to me, it showed. But a lot of other people seemed to like his performance, so maybe it was just me.

K said...


I haven't seen Infernal Affairs. I was just making the point that he had adapted his script rather than writing an original one, though I would imagine the former could actually be harder to do in some ways. FLIP FLOP!

Leonardo DiCaprio has been amazing lately, which is why this preview is disappointing. Russell Crowe, though no doubt a great actor, is about as likeable as Leo's scragglebeard. Beard burn!