Thursday, August 28, 2008

Song of the Summer '08?

I guess it's possible that there may be an amazing fun Summer Song released tomorrow, but it's far more likely that will NOT happen. So I ask you all... What was the song of the summer? Votes will be tabulated, and the official Song of the Summer '08 will be revealed!

Just one ground rule... This is not YOUR Song of the Summer, like, "Boy, I was really grooving out to the 'Porgy & Bess' score this Summer." It's a song that was released this Summer, and would be generally accepted as the song that dominated everyone's pop culture consciousness for the longest amount of time.

Debatable Examples: Hey Ya; In Da Club; Umbrella

Go, Team Pop Culture! Go!


The Guy From Len said...

"Steal My Sunshine '08" by Len

Anonymous said...

Gotta go with Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Ted said...

"The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations On a Shaker Hymn)" by Weezer has been my big summer song.

This is followed closely by "The Bomb" by Bitter:Sweet, which is not typically the type of music I dig, but good god do I love this song.

Umbrella is never any of it's forms, orms, orms, orms, orms, orms orms, orms, orms, orms, orms, orms, orms, orms, orms....etc...

Caitlin Bee said...

Love in this Club, by the marvelous Usher. WITHOUT A DOUBT. Second is No Air by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown. AMAZING. I'm going to watch the SYTYCD routine to that song right now.

nowpicnic said...

I had my sources ask their sources and the song is:

The recognition of the bass line from blocks away was deemed essential for any Song of the Summer.