Thursday, November 13, 2008

Good Video

My latest through ONN.  Normally I'd embed, but check out this link and take a  look at the tabs on top.  They just did that on their own.


nowpicnic said...

That's awesome! Unfortunately, under the tab, there is a video called "OMG KITTY."

nowpicnic said...

Sorry: "OMG KITTY!"

and it is more than 3 minutes long.


Ted said...

I tip my hat, sir. That is simply fantastic. Well done.

Also, my word verification for posting this is "logan" which is also awesome.

Cuz Logan is Wolverine.

From the X-Men.


Mike said...

Hahaha, they gave you a special tab! That is amazing.

Anyway, the story is, of course, superb. The reason I found out about it in the first place is because it was featured on the "Around the Net" segment of "Attack of the Show" tonight. (Like many twentysomething nerds, I love that show with a fiery passion.) I had no idea it was written by an Elephant, but the fact that something hilarious came from one of you is the least surprising thing I'll encounter today.

Jordi or Biz said...

NICE, GEOFF! Really funny!