Monday, January 26, 2009

I still hear thooooose voooooices

I feel slightly weird telling people that I like The Killers. Maybe because so many vocal internet people don't. And I feel slightly weird for being affected by them.

Anyhoo. I really love the track "Spaceman" from their new record, mostly because of Brandon Flowers's voice in the softer moments. There's a vulnerability in his singing on this record that I'm not used to hearing, and it's striking.

And then there's the video. I have to give these guys a lot of credit for making a video this fricking weird for a major label release. They have more personality than other bands their size. Credit where it's due.



Andrew M said...

But are they human, or are they dancer? The Church of Latter-Day Ostrich Suits needs to know, and right fast. Also, Mr. Flowers: you can't be a fan of the Smiths and Oasis; that's akin to liking zabaglione and pig shit. Interesting fact: the other Brandon Flowers is probably more musically talented than Captain Ostrich Feather of the Affected Warble Brigade, and he intercepted Brett Favre twice this year.

jerf said...

I don't know what to do, man. I like them. I wasn't expecting this to happen.

Even that Human song with the dumb lyric, he's still singing good. I hadn't heard the song until I saw them perform it live on SNL, and it was pretty great. He's a captivating performer.

What's happening to me.

Andrew M said...

I want to partially revise my previous statements in light of the fact that I totally caught myself humming that "Human" song a couple weeks ago: The Killers have written some catchy songs, but dear lord are the lyrics awful. I mean, they're not even passably banal (i.e. New Order). Maybe the rest of the band should drop Mr. Flowers?