Tuesday, January 04, 2005

EL in Chicago Magazine

Chicago Magazine did a nice little side-bar on the Chicago SketchFest, and we got mentioned as one of the Top 5 groups to see. Here's the text, with a link to the graphic:

"Not long out of college, this young all-male New York quintet has been winning awards and fans with brainy, breakneck humor. Laugh at one gag and you might miss the next!"

Not long out of college! Darel Jevens, are you flirting with me?

I'll mention the other groups on the list here, cause in the graphic they seemed to be, ummm... covered. Somehow.

1. Bald Faced Lie
2. Superpunk
3. Octa-Sketch
4. 3rd Floor
5. Elephant Larry

Hey, I'll take #5 out of 83 any day.


Jeff said...

If you don't read the upper box on our press clipping first, it makes it look like we're one of Chicago's top 5 medical clinics.

Which we are, right?

Oh man, I can't believe we got this far with no official medical training.