Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Top Gamecube Games

When you surf through blogger enough, you come across Blogs written by robots:

If you've spent any time online looking for game cube xbox ps2, you've undoubtedly seen advertisements plastered all over the Web. Companies large and small pay for game cube xbox ps2 ad banners and links to their websites from other companies' websites. Advertising rates vary wildly, depending on the site and its audience.

That's from Roger at "Top GameCube Games." It's actually pretty funny if you scroll down, because the blog is just variations on the same post, with various search engine searches plugged into it.

But you gotta respect Roger. He averages 127 posts a week, and has written over three thousand posts, total. That's a powerhorse writer for you.


Jeff said...

Powerhorse? He's a powerhorse writer?

So am I to assume that Roger the robotic blogger spends most of his non-existent hours waxing poetic on the wide world of superpowered megahorse breeding?

Oh. You meant powerhouse. Or workhorse.

In that case, I agree. Roger is definitely a workhouse in the world of blog posting.

Alex said...

I may have actually meant to use the word powerhorse, Jeff.

Don't make me fantasize about viciously murdering you in cold blood.