Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Geoff on McSweeneys... AGAIN.

Good grief, can Geoff just stop writing funny stuff that gets published by McSweeneys for, like, three seconds?

Play-by-Play of Classic Sports Rivalries If the Team Names Actually Represented the Combatants. And Also, Instead of Playing the Sport, They're Fighting to the Death.

Side-note: We made a huge group trip to the McSweeneys Pirate Supply Store at 826 Valencia on Sunday. It was awesome.


Geoffrey said...

My favorite part was the bin of lard.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic piece. Damn you for making actually check who writes those things.

Titles of Pieces I've Had Rejected from McSweeney's:

* An Open Letter to Two Wading Pools.
* Crimes Alleged by James Brown in the Song "The Payback."
* Transuranium Element, or Black, Tarry Substance That Is Found in a Newborn's Rectum?

Speaking of which, way too steer clear of the "Browns As Poop" analogy, fitting though it may be.