Wednesday, January 26, 2005


After finishing our Saturday night performance and watching Totally Looped in the SFSketchfest, EL walked out of the Eureka theater and back towards our cars. I know you're all dying to know exactly what time this happened, so I'll tell you:

It was at precisely 11:29 pm and 39 seconds.

How do I know this? Because at that exact moment, while passing a bank on the corner, Marybee and I saw the backwards reflection of a red digital clock on the bank's wall. And hovering in the darkened glass was a single word: PEPSII.

Now, yeah, it would have been even cooler two hours later, but COME ON! This is as divine as it gets, people. One more second and it would have been OYPSII. And then IYPSII. It's almost as though we were meant to see that PEPSI...that the ethereal-forces-of-power-that-have-always-been suddenly emerged from the unknown to tell Mary and me that we, as a people, are meant to drink Pepsi. Not Coke. PEPSI. And that Pepsi is, in fact, the #1 soft drink of the universe.

I tried to find a site that covers this sort of thing, but this is the closest I could get. Hooray for Oðblgshezi! And Boobies! It's from, and it's actually a pretty interesting site, devoted to the development of new words and languages. It's a lot to take in, but there's also a great compilation of neologisms. My favorites? Nucrowave and lesbosexual.


Anonymous said...

can we have "baby fix that fusebox 3...sucker fix that fusebox"...where they get some unsuspecting chump to fall down the stairs, then try to "fix" the fusebox...

christopher said...

If we get Hillary Swank to be your "unsuspecting chump," then we can combine both your idea and Alex's idea to do "Million Dollar Baby, Fix that Fusebox!"

Or maybe just, "Hillary Swank, Fix that Fusebox!"

Alex said...

Or maybe we could just electrocute Hillary Swank?

Alex said...

Awesome idea for a prank show: We go around elctrocuting celebrities, and then jump out and say, "You got electrocut'd!"