Tuesday, January 11, 2005

"Huuuuge Planes" or "Another Topic Meant for Boys"

So. I was doing some research for a design project I'm doing at work (involving scantily clad airline stewardesses no less) and I came across some images of the Airbus SuperTransporter, which is also popularly known as the Airbus Beluga, because it looks exactly like it has a Beluga whale head. Here's a picture:

This thing is gigantic. This is how they transport airplane parts from one place to another. As well as entire airplanes. To give you some scale, here's an image of TWO AIRPLANE COCKPITS being loaded inside:

Both of these pictures are from the actually totally fantastic website, airliners.net, which has thousands of pictures of planes. And although most of you can't possibly be interested in tons of planes, it is totally worth checking out for their "Most Popular Pictures" feature, which can really be quite stunning.


Anonymous said...

WOW! Those planes seem big enough to contain the rain in Spain. Up til this point I thought that song was just plain silly.

Also now I can understand the song "Leavin' on a Jet Plane" as sung by another plane. Again, before this day I thought such a concept silly.

Stefan said...

Okay, I can contain myself no longer. Who are you, Mr. Anonymous? Or shall I say HAJ TALAL USA?

Anonymous said...

Who Am I?

Why I'm an Elephant Larry fan, of course. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Anonymous said...

Or if... that last post sounded way too precious. And if... I'm properly picking up the banking vibe....

You can call me "The Loan Ranger"

in the meantime...as I think it applies to this question (of identity) I'd also support the four-syllable ear-worm theory as put forth by Chris (Wachovia, most unfortunately notwithstanding)and suggest that aNONymous might be considered within such a context... but not quite... as it is the case that the mouth has trouble finding the proper accent thus rendering the word just short of ear worm candy... or just barely there... depending on your personality profile. For me however it is there. Thus I embrace "aNONymous"

Note: "America" also has that neither here nor there quality about it. For example, as prounouced by our beloved president ("aMERica") it would find that precious spot in the brain. But as pronouced by those who are not brain damaged the second syllable would not receive the forced (and unfortunate)attention. (Unfortuante only because the rest of the world hates us now and eventually that's gonna catch up to us... but I hope not... 'cause actually I like being spoiled)

PS I'd be horribly remiss not to note that he has somehow found a fourth sylable in "nuclear" and accordingly has let his diminished capacity find its (i.e the word nuclear) syllabic resting place. But if it's okay I won't go any further than that 'cause I'm prone to nightmares.

Anonymous said...

hi guys this is your friend erika, aka too lazy to make a blogger profile. am i allowed to post a comment here since i'm an penily deficient by nature and this topic was apparently meant for outties? i'm doing it anyway so shut up. can i just bring your attention to the fact that the "head" of the airbus is remarkably similar to that of the poopsmith? i'll assume your answer is yes. ok. thank you.

Anonymous said...

yeah, stefan -- i'm with erika here. maybe you forget that girls like planes too? and pirates? and robots? at least, the awesomer ones, do.

- kathy, who also thinks that plane is awesome, though she is peniley deficient

christopher said...

I motion that Stefan apologize for his blatant, ignorant sexism by way of a creative "just-for-girls" post. Maybe it will help shed some light on his foul, despicable character.